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Sculptor & Woodcarver

Mal's-E: View Cart Line drawing of wolf head by T.R.Wolff
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A door being hand carved by Terry R. Wolff

If you are like most people, then I know that you want to make a good lasting impression on those you come in contact with.  Just as your sign and logo have a lot to say about you and your business, so does your entrance way.  Doors are the gate way to your inner space, whether it is your place of business or the home you live in.  Therefore this entranceway is as important as your home or business is, so it makes good sense to make it as unique and as inviting as possible.  I can help you, from design to the finished product.  Since 1977 I have made well over a hundred doors, screen doors, and gates.  If you are ready to have an entrance or door way that really suites you, I can help!  

Here in the southwest many of our homes are enclosed behind adobe walls to protect our gardens from the winds, wild animals, or just for privacy.  This has been a tradition of this area of the country well before the Mayflower set sail from England.  

Early on, the settlers adorned their gates as best they could. Today, even though this tradition still continues here and other parts of the country, as well as all around the world, the gates have evolved into an expression of ones individual taste.  For the past several years I have been making such gates with handsome carved motifs.  If you are in the market for some new gates with some unique carvings on them, let me know and together we can work something out.

Providing the world with Exquisite Woodcarvings, doors, gates, furniture, signs and Restoration work since 1976

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