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Mal's-E: View Cart Line drawing of wolf head by T.R.Wolff
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I originally learned to do this kind of woodcarving from my friend Jarvis Boone in Sugarloaf, New York back in the mid 1970’s. Jarvis ran a successful carving business there until he retired and opened up a vaudeville night club in the old Opera House in Chester, New York.     

For my first ten years of carving many of my carvings imitated this technique I had learned from Jarvis. Since I was operation a woodcarving shop that I called Terry Wolff’s Custom Woodcarvings and Signs I quickly started doing other types of carvings as my cliental required. Back then I purchased a library of how to carving books from Woodcraft Supply who at the time was the only game in town. Well actually they only had one store and it was located in Massachusetts. I acquired a lot of books and well needed tools from them.

I first hung my sign in 1976 at 1005 Dupont Ave in Bellingham and before the year was over I was as busy as a bee. I was carving for clients as far away as northern California, Portland Oregon, Seattle, Victoria and Vancouver British Colombia. I taught classes two nights a week at my studio and the following year started teaching at Fairhaven College.

Again, most of what I first did was Traditional Folk Americana Woodcarving. Added to this I was also doing a great deal of nautical carving for the boating community up and down the West.

By the early 1980’s I was getting a lot more commissions for Cape Cod style signs and when I went back to New Jersey to work and teach at the American Woodcarving School almost all my carvings migrated away from folk carving.

During the mid 1990’s I did a few dozen Americana type eagle heads as a promotion for KRZA a local community radio station serving southern Colorado and northern New Mexico. I also did several other signs that used these techniques which I learned from Jarvis. They include signs done for Silver Eagle, Doc Martin’s Restaurant, Cottom’s Ski Shop, and several other signs up at the Taos Ski Valley.

Now it is 2013 (or at least that is when I am writing this) and I am getting people interested in my whimsical folk carvings again.

As I create new carvings I will be posting them on this site and offering them for sale. As they sell I will make note of that but leave the images on line just in case you see something that you would like to have me carve for you.

This is my series of carvings depicts my version of the age old tradition of folk carving which has been here in America since its invasion by the Europeans and throughout Europe since before the dark ages.

Some of these types of carvings are also known throughout New England as  Traditional American Wood Carvings.

Terry’s Americana Folk Carvings

This is a folk carving (Traditional Americana Wood Carving) I did for a headboard in Bellingham Washington back in the late 1970’s

Americana Folk Carvings by Terry R Wolff for sale. Americana Folk Carvings by Terry R Wolff for sale.

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