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Mal's-E: View Cart Line drawing of wolf head by T.R.Wolff
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First of all... They Are Just Darn Good Knives!

I feel comfortable saying this because I use only the highest quality materials. Every blade is made from 1095CV high carbon steel, I use this steel composition because of its high, outstanding qualities for fine grain and its wear ability. All handles are shaped from hard woods and riveted to the blades to provide superior bonding. These knives are workhorses and they are meant to do the job. They may never win a beauty award but your work will!

The "C" stands for Chromium, which makes the blades harder and increases its resistance to wear. This means these blades will stay sharper longer. The Chromium allows the blade to be quenched in oil so there is less stress on the steel.

The "V" stands for Vanadium, which allows the steel to withstand high heat while minimizing grain growth. These blades have a fine grain which means they hold a sharper edge.

Now For A Little Horn Blowing

As a professional woodcarver, I would be happy using these knives no matter who the manufacturer is. As far as these knives go, over the years, since 1986 when I started making them I have received numerous words of praise and it has been both my experience and that of those who sell my knives, that most buyers have come back and purchased additional knives lets me know that they are good knives. Craftwoods, and other woodcarving products suppliers have been selling my knives since 1991 and Eric Bunn, former owner of the American Woodcarving School not only purchased my first knife for his own personal use but has increased his collection to several knives over the years.

Illustration of Wolff Magic Knife by Terry R. Wolff

Designed and created for woodcarvers
and other craftspeople since 1986.

Custom Hand-Crafted Knives
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