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Mal's-E: View Cart Line drawing of wolf head by T.R.Wolff
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575-751-0620 TAOS, NEW MEXICO
Things you may want to knows  about your order!

First of all, please note that all on-line payments will be processed by PayPal’s Merchant Account. This does not mean you have to use PayPal as your means of payment. If you want to use your credit card, that is fine, this just means that I am using PayPal to process my credit card payments. I also offer payment through Intuit where you can have your payment made directly from your bank.

All on-line payments will be made to Solar Taos, LLC. This is my solar company and all orders placed on my websites are sent to my solar site. When you check out you will be required to read a statement which has been set up for the solar end of my business, don’t let that scare you. As a woodcarver customer, everything you need to know should be written here.

When you order from me you need to know that most of the items I make are custom ordered and therefore will take some time to create. The amount of time depends on the project, just how complicated it is, and how much work I have a head of your order.

Most pieces can be made within a month to six weeks. Other commissions can take much longer such as a sculpture, doors, gates, or a piece of furniture. There is no way of actually knowing how long a piece may take to complete. I will however keep you informed. If you want, I can keep you posted with digital photographs (there will be a fee for this service).

My promise to you, is that I always do the very best that I can.

Providing the world with Exquisite Woodcarvings, doors, gates, furniture, signs and Restoration work since 1976

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This will help me understand what you plan to budget for this project. My actual fee may or may not come within your budget but we have to start somewhere.

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