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Mal's-E: View Cart Line drawing of wolf head by T.R.Wolff
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575-751-0620 TAOS, NEW MEXICO

Custom Woodcarving and Woodworking

Antique replacement woodcarving by Terry R. Wolff Carved Oak dash board by Terry Wolff Carousel Horse woodcarving by Terry R. Wolff Carved album cover by Terry R. Wolff

Contact me when you need to have a woodcarving made. I have been doing this for well over 30 years. Whatever it is that you need, check with me to see if that is some-thing I could do for you. I also do woodworking and have several independent woodworkers, furniture makers and blacksmiths that I work with throughout northern New Mexico.

I have been providing custom woodcarvings and woodworking since 1976 to meet the many needs of my customers.  Anything from dining room sets to carved signs, carousel horses to burial urns, rocking chairs to rocking horses, and just about anything you can imagine.

I started out as an illustrator working on a book for Michael De Nike who owned the American Woodcarving School in Wayne, New Jersey. Michael turned me onto woodcarving and I started doing carving commissions within the month.

In the beginning, most of my commissions were carved signs and small figurines. About a year later I relocated to Bellingham, Washington and during my ten years there I did a number of signs, nautical carvings, trophies and some furniture.

In 1982 I had an opportunity to work at the Wooden Boat Center at Marina del Rey, California where I again carved signs but did a lot of boat cabinets and interiors. While there an antique dealer in Beverly Hills commissioned me to make furniture pieces create carvings for missing or broken pieces.

When I returned to the American Woodcarving School in 1986, I expanded into making furniture.

Today I take commissions for just about any thing that involves wood. But woodcarving is what I enjoy the most, whether it’s a sculpture or a reproduction to replace a broken carving.

Woodcarved poppy headboard by Terry R. Wolff Carved linen folds in Maple by Terry R. Wolff Carved sailboat award with carved chairs in background all by Terry R. Wolff

To commission my services, please use the below form to get started. If you need to send more then two images just resend the form with the additional images.

Please be sure to let me know what price range you are considering. This lets me know just how elaborate we can go or whether or not you are in the price range of what you are considering. The reason this is important, is because over the years I have had a good number of request for my talents by individuals who didn’t have a clue as to what the value of a good carving is, thus taking up a great deal of my time and theirs as well. So, it is important to get this out in the open right away.

Providing the world with Exquisite Woodcarvings, doors, gates, furniture, signs and Restoration work since 1976

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This will help me understand what you plan to budget for this project. My actual fee may or may not come within your budget but we have to start somewhere.

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